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Yellow Dot Stickers to STOP Banning Books

Yellow Dot Stickers to STOP Banning Books

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These are sets of laser printed 2" round yellow stickers with the text "Stop Book Bans" and a QR code that directs users to to learn more about the Yellow Dot campaign to stop book banning, and links to organizations that are fighting back against book bannings!

Stickers are perforated and will come in either folded or rolled. (Full roll is not 750.) Includes free 1st class shipping. (Limited tracking.)

What is the Yellow Dot Campaign?

A simple but effective way to let school boards know you’re against Banning Books!

How to use:
1. Get your Yellow Dot Stickers!
2. Arrive early to your next school board meeting.
3. Stand outside of the meeting as people are going in and ask them “Are you against book banning?” If YES then give them a sticker!
4. Scan the code to learn more and connect to organizations that stand up for our students, teachers, and books!

These are printed using a thermal laser label printer. Final quantity +/- 5% per industry standard. Great sticking power! These are not waterproof but are water resistant. They do not remove easily!

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