Imprint and Decoration Methods

At Panda DM, we're dedicated to delivering high-quality, customized products that reflect your unique style and values. To achieve this, we offer various imprint methods and carefully selected blank items. 

Imprint Methods:

Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV):

Ideal for cotton and blended fabrics, HTV offers a premium matte finish. Our soft matte HTV is rigorously tested for over 50 washes with proper care. This method shines with 1-2 colors or dark fabrics. Explore our specialty HTV options, including Rainbow Holographic, metallic, puff, color-changing, and glow-in-the-dark. HTV designs feel fantastic and resist cracking or fading over time. While peeling may occur with extended use, proper care ensures lasting quality.


This method delivers full-color imprints on light-colored blanks. While 100% polyester yields the best results, our sublimation can grace blends with at least 50% polyester. Expect vibrant, fade-resistant designs that won't crack or peel. Sublimation dyes the fabric, leaving an imprint you can't feel, ensuring comfort and longevity. Discover sublimated designs on apparel, mugs, tumblers, metal signs, keychains, pet accessories, and more.

Permanent Adhesive Vinyl

For versatile vinyl decals on cars, laptops, water bottles, and more, we use premium-quality vinyl. Rated for over 5 years, our vinyl decals offer durability. They can be easily removed from hard surfaces with Goo-Gone or a razor. However, note that removal from porous materials like paper or cardboard may not be as straightforward.

Printed Vinyl Stickers

Our full-color vinyl stickers feature long-lasting, laminated prints with UV protection. These stickers are designed to stand the test of time, lasting for a year or more while retaining their vibrancy.

Professional Printing

For specialized products like political signs, banners, and more, we collaborate with trusted third-party printers. This ensures your needs are met with professional-grade quality.

Additional Options

Available by special request. 

Imprint Methods at Panda DM

Imprint Methods at Panda DM:

At Panda DM, we believe that your designs deserve to come to life in the way that truly suits your vision. That's why we offer an array of imprint methods to ensure your custom products are precisely as you imagine them. Beyond our core imprint methods of Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV), Sublimation, Permanent Adhesive Vinyl, and Printed Vinyl Stickers, we also provide a world of additional possibilities:

  • Painting: For a truly unique touch, we offer hand-painted designs that add an artisanal flair to your products. Our skilled artists can craft intricate designs and vibrant colors to make your creations stand out.
  • Digital Engraving: We also offer digital engraving services, which can add intricate and precise designs to a wide range of materials such as metal or acrylic.
  • Stencils: Precision meets creativity with our stencil designs. Whether you have a specific pattern in mind or need a custom stencil created, we can bring your stenciled visions to life.
  • Direct-to-Film (DTF): This versatile method offers full-color designs on 100% cotton and other compatible substrates. It allows for stunning, detailed designs that are exceptionally soft to the touch, ensuring your custom creations feel as amazing as they look.
  • Printed HTV: To broaden your design horizons, we offer printed HTV. This versatile method allows us to create complex, multi-colored designs with crisp details, expanding your customization options.

Through our trusted third-party vendors, we have the flexibility to explore even more imprint and design methods such as embroidery, screen printing and laser engraving. Whether you have a specific method in mind or are seeking guidance on the best approach for your project, our dedicated team is here to turn your ideas into reality. Your creativity knows no bounds, and at Panda DM, neither do your options.