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Premium Sublimated Hoodie - Stop Moms for "Liberty"

Premium Sublimated Hoodie - Stop Moms for "Liberty"

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Enjoy premium comfort for Relentless Defenders of public education with our Sublimated STOP Moms for "Liberty" (SM4L) Premium Hoodie. Crafted on the Sport-Tek Sport-Wick Fleece Hooded Pullover, this hoodie seamlessly combines style, comfort, and your commitment to defending public education.

🌟 Premium Comfort: Our SM4L hoodie is made from 100% polyester that's not only incredibly soft but also durable. The outer layer boasts a sleek, smooth finish, while the inner fleece lining provides unbeatable coziness.

🛡️ Defend Public Education: Wear your values with pride. The SM4L logo takes center stage on the front, symbolizing your dedication to safeguarding our public schools against extremist ideologies.

💪 Advocate in Style: Stay warm and stylish while amplifying your voice for inclusive, quality education. Our sublimated hoodie merges comfort with activism.

🌈 Sublimated Excellence: The sublimation process ensures that your hoodie's vibrant design won't fade, peel, or crack. It's a wearable testament to your unwavering support for public education.

🔁 All-Day Comfort: Whether you're heading to a school board meeting, strolling through your community, or simply relaxing at home, this hoodie keeps you comfortable and ready to advocate.

Product Specifications: Crafted on the Sport-Tek Sport-Wick Fleece Hooded Pullover, this hoodie offers a perfect blend of performance and style. Please refer to our size chart for the ideal fit.

Stand strong, stay cozy, and advocate with passion. Order your Sublimated STOP Moms for "Liberty" (SM4L) Premium Hoodie today!

Care Instructions:
For best results wash in cold water without fabric softener. Dry flat or tumble dry on low heat. The sublimation dye is heat-activated so do not iron. 

IF your hoodie comes with imprint lines, most will wash out or loosen up over time.  However you can also take a LOW heat iron and carefully work them out. 

***Production Note***
IIf you need it quickly, please check with me to see which styles and sizes I have in stock. 

I will message you if there are any expected delays! Please be sure to check your email and or Etsy messages. If I can find you in the FB group, I will try to DM you there as well.

*** About STOP Moms for "Liberty" ***

Show your support for Public Education, teachers, and students by opposing the hate-filled Moms for “Liberty.” Who are Moms for Liberty? They are a group that has quickly risen to the national political stage largely thanks to their funding by right-wing dark money and the support of conservative talking heads. Unfortunately, they have launched a nationwide attack on our public schools, and have taken over numerous local school boards, fired qualified School Superintendents, banned books, attacked LGBTQIA+ students and teachers, and pushed ed curriculums that progress a white “Christian” nationalist ideology that whitewashes our history, ignores science and downplays the plight of marginalized groups in our society. They hide behind propaganda including “parents' rights” and call themselves “joyful warriors” when, in reality, they only want the right for them to dictate how everyone’s children are taught. And when they don’t get their way, they have resorted to threats and other extreme behaviors. They have been supported by Ron DeSantis and other MAGA Republicans.

STOP Moms for Liberty is a nonpartisan coalition of people across the country who are dedicated to saving our public schools, defending democracy, and fighting for the rights of all students and parents. We support teachers, students, and parents and believe that education is the foundation for a strong democracy. You can learn more by scanning the QR code or going to

It doesn’t matter if you’re a Democrat or Republican, conservative or liberal or leftist, we all should believe in a quality, secular, public education system with schools and educators. These young minds deserve nothing but the best that we as a society can offer including social-emotional learning, an accurate history, and real science without discrimination or censorship of ideas.

Our #1 Belief is that NO group or individual should dominate or control what happens in any PUBLIC setting. That is not a democracy. Join Our Facebook Group: STOP Moms for Liberty

When you purchase from me, you’re helping support an independent, queer, disabled creator and activist and her family. I have been creative all my life and I have always loved making things that others can enjoy. Whether it is a t-shirt, crocheted doll, a knit hat, a company logo or website, a spooky Halloween sign, or tools to help other creators such as felt eyes for amigurumi I love to bring my imagination to life! I have a BS in Political Science and a Masters in Public Administration so I also love when I can help other activists!

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