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Keep your God and Guns Out of Our Public Schools Shirt

Keep your God and Guns Out of Our Public Schools Shirt

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Elevate your voice for the future of public education with our "Keep Your God and Guns Out of Our Public Schools" shirt. This bold design combines powerful messaging with sleek style.

👕 Available Styles: Choose from Gildan Softstyle Unisex, Longsleeve, or District Ladies Relax Fit V-Neck.

✨ Premium Quality Imprint: Our shirts are meticulously decorated with premium quality, soft-touch Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV). This ensures both comfort while wearing and durability that stands the test of time.

🏫 Education Advocacy: At Panda Designs & Marketing, we're fervent supporters of education advocacy. We're dedicated to promoting safe, inclusive, and gun-free environments in our public schools.

🌟 Quality Imprint: Our shirts feature high-quality, soft-touch imprints that are both comfortable to wear and designed to last. Feel confident wearing a shirt that speaks volumes.

📚 Stand for Change: Join the movement for better, safer schools. Wear your beliefs proudly and encourage meaningful conversations within the education advocacy community.

ğŸŽ Advocacy Apparel: This shirt is a must-have for any education advocate, parent, or teacher who is passionate about school safety, inclusivity, and the future of our public schools.

📢 Make Your Statement: Our design boldly asserts the importance of keeping schools free from guns and divisive ideologies. It's time to make a statement and spark positive change.

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Other colors, sizes, and imprint colors may be available! Message me ahead of time to check availability.

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Care Instructions:
For best results wash in cold water without fabric softener. Dry flat or tumble dry on low heat.
Imprint is made using premium Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV).

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