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Trump Lock Him Up Button

Trump Lock Him Up Button

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2.25" Pinback Button with metal backing.

Justice, accountability, and the rule of law must be upheld for a true democracy to thrive.

Show your disdain for the criminal actions of the 45th President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump with this "Lock Him Up" button. (Also available in vinyl decals, stickers, shirts, bags and more!)

The former Cheeto in Chief is a disgrace to our country. While Adolf Twitler was impeached, twice, the GOP chose to save him from any real punishment.
The Assaulter-in-Chief has already been found liable for the SA and defamation of E. Jean Carrol and more than 20 other women have claimed he harassed them.
The Hair Furor's actions continue to be a stain on our history and the shame of a nation that ever put this would be authoritarian in any position of power, much less the most powerfule political position in the world.
Millions watched as Orange Julius encouraged a rabid mob to attempt an insurrection.
We all heard the phone calls where The Tangerine Tyrant told Georgia officials to find him the votes needed to overturn the election.
And now we have a 49-page indictment where the Department of Justice, FBI, and a jury of his peers have found a preponderance of evidence that the Walking Talking Human Combover stole national security documents, lied and hid them from officials, bragged about the fact that Darth Hater had top secret information while showing it to people that had not even the most basic of security clearances, and conspired to obstruct justice.

Don the Con has already been found guilty in numerous other cases including his fake university and nonprofit. Don the Con's Trump Organization is on the brink of being shut down for criminal activity. Allen Weisselberg, The Lyin King's CFO, just got out of prison for his part in numerous financial schemes. Shitler's campaign chair went to prison. Many of the Groper-in-Chief's lawyers have gone to prison or been stripped of their law licenses.

Now the Xenophobic Sweet Potato faces over 70 felony counts at both the state and federal levels. Time for him to go to jail, not pass go, and not collect ANY more money as this grifter has already taken millions from Americans.

Enough is enough. It is long past time that he be held accountable for his crimes and locked up for the good of our nation and the world.

Handmade and Crafted with the utmost care, this high-quality metal pin back button serves as a symbol of your commitment to the rule of law and our democracy.

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About the Creator:
When you purchase from me, you’re helping to support an independent, queer, disabled creator and her family. I have been creative all my life and always loved making things that others can enjoy. Whether it is a crocheted doll, a knit hat, a company logo or website, a spooky Halloween sign, items to help activists, or tools to help other creators such as felt eyes for amigurumi I love to bring my imagination to life!

Materials: Metal Pin Button,Plastic Film

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