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STOP Moms for Liberty Logo Stickers

STOP Moms for Liberty Logo Stickers

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Show your support for Public Education and take a stand against Moms for Liberty!
Show your support for education advocacy with our STOP Moms for Liberty logo stickers. These eye-catching stickers feature a distinct stop sign shape with a dark blue border, making a bold statement wherever they are displayed.

Lam. = Laminated stickers are best for outdoor use and have the most protection against the elements as they are sealed with permanent clear adhesive vinyl. High gloss.

Comes in Small = 3" and Large = 6"
Variety Pack (1 large and 2 small)
6 pack of 3" stickers in either laminated or regular!

STOP Moms for Liberty is a focused movement that unites education advocates across the United States. We are dedicated to fighting against the unwanted takeover of our country by far-right funded "moms for liberty" and other anti-government extremist groups.

Our logo stickers proudly display the words "STOP Moms for 'Liberty'" along with a unique QR code that directs viewers to our LinkTree, providing access to valuable information and resources related to our cause.

These vinyl stickers are built to withstand the elements, as they are laminated for waterproof and fade-resistant properties. Whether you choose the 3" or 6" size options, or opt for our combo packs containing both sizes, you can trust that these stickers will remain vibrant and intact even in challenging conditions.

Place them on your laptop, water bottle, car bumper, or any other surface to raise awareness and start conversations about the importance of defending our education system. The STOP Moms for Liberty logo stickers serve as a powerful symbol of resistance against far-right influences and as a call to protect our schools and educational values.

Support inclusive education and join the movement with our STOP Moms for Liberty logo stickers. Let your voice be heard, inspire others to take action, and help safeguard the future of our schools and communities.

Multipacks come with QR code to Facebook group on the back of each sticker! Great for giveaways at events!

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Materials: permanent adhesive vinyl
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