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Stop Go Hand Sign - SM4L for School Board Meetings

Stop Go Hand Sign - SM4L for School Board Meetings

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Elevate your voice and stand up for inclusive education with our unique STOP Moms for Liberty Hand Sign! Crafted meticulously from durable MDF board, these signs are approximately 8" wide by 10" tall and 0.185" thick, striking the perfect balance between visibility and portability.

One side features a bold red stop sign with a blue outline, while the back showcases a green stop sign adorned with a QR code leading to the STOP Moms for Liberty LinkTree. Express your stance effortlessly by raising the appropriate side during school board meetings or discussions with teachers.

Our hand signs symbolize opposition to the far-right extremist influence on school boards and advocate for the teaching of accurate history and inclusive, secular public education. These signs serve as powerful tools against book banning and anti-government hate groups, supporting teachers and students of all identities.

Decorated with laminated vinyl stickers, our signs are waterproof and fade-resistant, ensuring lasting quality. The base material also boasts a dry erase coating, allowing you to personalize your message. Stay cool during heated debates by using our signs as hand fans - a practical feature designed for passionate advocates like you.

Join the STOP Moms for Liberty movement, uniting Relentless Defenders of public education nationwide. Be part of the force that champions inclusive education and opposes destructive extremism. Take a stand, make an impact – order your STOP Moms for Liberty Hand Sign today.

- Inclusive Education
- Public Education Advocacy
- School Board Meetings
- Anti-Extremism
- STOP Moms for Liberty
- Accurate History Teaching
- Secular Education
- Hand Fan during Debates

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