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License Plate - STOP Moms for Liberty

License Plate - STOP Moms for Liberty

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correction: these are 0.65mm thick not inches  I will update the photo as soon as possible  

Unite and protect public education with our STOP Moms for "Liberty" (SM4L) License Plate! This 12" x 9" sublimated metal plate proudly displays the SM4L logo at the center, symbolizing your dedication to safeguarding our public schools from far-right extremists.

Premium Quality: Crafted with precision, our SM4L license plates offer a blend of style and durability. The vivid design features the SM4L logo, "Protect Public Schools" on the left, and a QR code to our LinkTree on the right. The sublimation process ensures long-lasting brilliance, and a UV top coat prevents fading over time.

Production Note: Please note that due to the UV top coat requiring at least 48 hours to dry, even on rush orders, these plates have a minimum production time of two days.

Easy Installation: These plates come with four standard screw holes for convenient attachment to your vehicle, wall, or any display location you prefer. (Screws/bolts not included.)

📚 Show your unwavering support for public education, teachers, and students by opposing the hate-filled Moms for "Liberty." This national political group has launched an attack on our public schools, taking over school boards, banning books, and pushing extremist ideologies. Stand against this and support a quality public education system with STOP Moms for "Liberty."

🚀 Join us in our mission to save our public schools, defend democracy, and fight for the rights of all students and parents. We believe in education as the foundation for a strong democracy. The QR code on this license plate will take you to our LinkTree to learn more.

✏️ Our top belief is that no group or individual should dominate or control what happens in any public setting. That's the essence of a true democracy. Join our cause today!

Order your STOP Moms for "Liberty" (SM4L) License Plate and proudly display your commitment to protecting public schools and advocating for quality education.

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