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Left Wing Fever Dreamer T-shirt

Left Wing Fever Dreamer T-shirt

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🗽 Introducing the "Left Wing Fever Dreamer" Sublimated Shirt! 🌟

🔴 Embrace the words that reverberate freedom and pride... with this supposed "insult."  Sublimated on soft fabric in white, silver, or heather gray, this shirt proudly boasts the phrase "Left Wing Fever Dreamer" alongside a striking graphic statue of liberty in red and blue hues.

🛡️ This shirt serves as a badge of honor, inspired by the label thrown at education advocates by the notorious far-right pundit James Lindsay. Wear this badge with pride and showcase your dedication to progressive values.

👕 Crafted with Soft, Sublimated Fabric: Our shirts offer a comfortable fit, making a statement while ensuring all-day comfort. 

About the Shirt:
These are made with Jerseez 21M 100% Polyester Shirts. These are soft jersey poly that feels very similar to cotton!

NEW: Blends! Port & Company Performance Blends are 65% polyester and 35% cotton. These give an amazing feel and the best of both worlds.  Sublimation on blended fabrics gives a faded/retrol heathered look to the artwork. 
Please be sure to check the size chart. These are standard unisex sizes.

Join the movement and celebrate your commitment to inclusive education and progressivism with the "Left Wing Fever Dreamer" sublimated shirt!

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