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Kirby Inspired Cartoon Felt Face:

Kirby Inspired Cartoon Felt Face:

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Elevate your amigurumi creations to new heights with our meticulously crafted Kirby-Inspired Felt Face for Amigurumi! These handcrafted felt pieces are tailor-made for adorable crocheted dolls like Kirby and many others.

Whether you're a seasoned amigurumi enthusiast or just starting your crochet journey, our felt face sets will add that perfect touch of charm to your creations. We offer a variety of designs, including different eye styles, mouths, and cheeks. Plus, you can purchase each component separately if you're looking for something specific.

Here's what you'll get with each order:

  • 1 Complete Face Set: This includes eyes, mouth, and cheeks, all perfectly proportioned to match the height of the eyes. But before you order, be sure to measure your amigurumi project to ensure a perfect fit!
  • Easy Application: Our felt pieces come with HeatNBond UltraHold  adhesive on the back, making them a breeze to apply with a hot glue gun. Remember not to iron them directly, as this could damage the heat transfer vinyl, your yarn, or your iron. (If you need, you can carefully use a 1-2 pieces  of parchment paper in between but we really do recommend hot glue or fabric glue as a better application method.) 

Size is Based on Eye Height for Example: 

  • 2.5" Set:
    • Eyes: ~2.5" x 1.56"
    • Mouth: 2" x 1.3"
    • Cheeks: 1.25" x 0.76"
  • 3" Set:
    • Eyes: ~3” X 1.9”
    • Mouth: 2.4” X 1.6”
    • Cheeks: 1.5” X 0.9”

And here's the best part: we include free 1st class shipping with every order, so you can enjoy your amigurumi project without any extra worries.

Our eyes are specially crafted with felt fabric and heat transfer vinyl, ensuring they're not too thick and offering a delightful array of color choices, including rainbows, patterns, holographic effects, glitter, and more. These eyes are designed to add that magical touch to your amigurumi creations.

At Panda Designs & Marketing, we're passionate about crafting and creating, and we know how important it is to have the right materials for your projects. Our Kirby-Inspired Felt Face for Amigurumi has been carefully designed to meet the needs of amigurumi artists like you. 

Join our community of amigurumi enthusiasts and experience the joy of amigurumi crafting with our high-quality felt face sets. If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out. We're here to make your amigurumi journey as delightful as possible.


Order your Kirby Inspired Felt Face for Amigurumi today and let your creativity shine!

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