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Keychains - Defense of Democracy

Keychains - Defense of Democracy

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Share the power of information effortlessly in your community with our Defense of Democracy (DofD) Key Chains. On one side, showcase the striking DofD Logo, and on the flip side, find a QR code leading directly to their website, facilitating easy access to crucial information.

Crafted from specially coated lightweight MDF board, these keychains are designed for everyday use while being gentle on your pockets or bags.

Style Options:

Rectangle shape measuring approximately 1.5" x 2.3" or

Circular design with a diameter of ~2".

These keychains offer a fantastic way to share the QR code with individuals you meet in your community. Whether you spot someone with a like-minded t-shirt at the grocery store or while talking with fellow parents at a PTA bake sale discussing the issue of book bans, show and share the code.
Join us in spreading awareness, defending democracy, and championing inclusive education.

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Official Merch for Defense of Democracy. A portion of each sale of Defense of Democracy merch goes back to Defense of Democracy to help advance their mission. 

About Defense of Democracy

Defense of Democracy is a dedicated nonpartisan organization advocating for an inclusive public education system. Our mission is to support legislators, educators, and administrators who champion community inclusivity and a public education system that respects diversity, regardless of religious beliefs, cultural backgrounds, or sexual orientation. We stand against discrimination and hate groups, working tirelessly to protect civil rights and promote a strong education system and democracy. Join us in our commitment to defending democracy, fostering inclusivity, and safeguarding the future of education.

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