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I like big balls (of yarn) vinyl decal sticker. Crochet horizontal layout.

I like big balls (of yarn) vinyl decal sticker. Crochet horizontal layout.

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Express your love for yarn and add a touch of whimsy to your personal items with our delightful "I Like Big Balls" vinyl decal. This charming decal features a playful ball of yarn accompanied by a crochet hook, along with the fun and catchy phrase "I Like Big Balls" in a font that exudes creativity and joy.

Who says crochet is just for grannies? We know the truth, plenty of crochet hookers enjoy the craft from all ages and walks of life and we love our wordplay and humor! I mean, where else can you hear people talking about whips, chains and balls... ok, don't answer that. 😂

Designed for crocheters, this vinyl decal is the perfect way to showcase your passion for the craft. It can be applied to a variety of surfaces such as laptops, water bottles, notebooks, car windows, and more, allowing you to share your love for crochet wherever you go. It's a fantastic gift idea for fellow crocheters, friends, or family members who appreciate the art of yarn and enjoy a good laugh.

Crafted with high-quality vinyl, this decal is durable and weather-resistant, ensuring it stands the test of time. The adhesive backing makes it easy to apply, and it can be removed without leaving any residue behind, giving you the flexibility to switch up your decorative style whenever you desire.

Whether you're a seasoned crocheter or just starting your yarn-filled journey, this "I Like Big Balls" vinyl decal is a fun and whimsical way to celebrate your love for crochet. Brighten up your personal items or surprise a fellow yarn enthusiast with this playful decal that brings a smile to everyone's face.

"I Like Big Balls" vinyl decal
Fun gift for crocheters
Playful ball of yarn design
Crochet hook accessory
Adhesive decal for various surfaces
Durable and weather-resistant vinyl
Easy application and residue-free removal
Ball of yarn decal
Crochet hook decal
I Like Big Balls decal
Crochet accessories
Humorous crochet sticker
Crochet enthusiast gift
High-quality vinyl decal sticker

Embrace your love for crochet and spread the joy of yarn with our "I Like Big Balls" vinyl decal. Order now and add a touch of whimsy to your favorite personal items or surprise a fellow crocheter with this fun and unique gift!

Not a crocheter? We also have versions with knitting needles, Tunisian crochet hooks or for you bi-stitutuals and pan-stitchuals we have combos for you too! Or just a plain ball of if you prefer.

Be sure to measure where you want to place this decal.

Included 1 vinyl decal sticker with transfer tape already applied for easy placement and easy application instructions.

Want a color not listed? Contact me to see other options. At any given point, I have more than 2 dozen varieties of colors, finishes, patterns and more! Just remind me here if we've already discussed a custom option. Please be sure to check Etsy mail!

About the Creator:
When you buy from me, you’re helping to support an independent, queer, disabled creator and her family. I have been creative all my life and always loved making things that others can enjoy. Whether it is a crocheted doll, a knit hat, a company logo or website, a spooky Halloween sign or tools to help other creators such as felt eyes for amigurumi I love to bring my imagination to life!
I’m also a disabled “spoonie” who lives with multiple chronic conditions including Psoriatic Arthritis and Fibromyalgia. Sometimes this means my body does not cooperate so for custom or personalized items it may take an extra day or two to get them shipped out. I will always strive to communicate to the best of my ability if there is an unforeseen delay and I automatically include an extra 2 days into my production times just to be safe. Thank you so much for your support of my business and I hope you love my creations as much as I do!

Materials: Permanent Adhesive Vinyl Paper
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