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Bulk Thermal Stickers Defense of Democracy

Bulk Thermal Stickers Defense of Democracy

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Official Merch forDefense of Democracy. A portion of all sales is donated back to Defense of Democracy.

Thermal stickers are a fantastic and cost effective way to help spread the word about Defense of Democracy's vital work to Protect Our Schools!

These are available in stacks or rolls of 100 or more for a significant discount.

Sizes, shapes, and colors are based on availability. Most come perforated for easy distribution but even if on a roll these are great to hand out at school board meetings, protests, pride events, and more. Other sizes and colors may be available, message me if there's a particular size or shape you're looking for.

Great to stick on shirts because they easily remove from most fabric. Best for indoor use. Some come with a coating that provides some water resistance, but they are not recommended for extended exposure to the elements or sun.

Elevate your activism with our bulk Defense of Democracy thermal stickers!

All designs feature the Defense of Democracy logo and QR code that directs people to

The Defense of Democracy logo is truly iconic as it harkens back to the Statue of Liberty, with an arm extended high carrying a torch emerging from an open book, surrounded by stars with the words Defense of Democracy is a large bold print and "Advocates. Allies. Americans." underneath. Some designs only have the text version of the logo to save on space.

Includes free 1st class shipping. (Limited tracking.)

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Available at a low cost in bulk quantities, these stickers offer an affordable way to show your support for Defense of Democracy. Choose from a variety of sizes, shapes, and vibrant colors, including red, white, blue, and more. Each sticker features a bold black imprint that captures attention and delivers a powerful message.

Perfect for organizing events, fundraising campaigns, or sharing with like-minded individuals, these stickers come in packs or rolls of 100 or more. Many stickers are perforated, allowing for easy distribution and use.

About Defense of Democracy
Defense of Democracy is a nonpartisan group advocating for an inclusive public education system. 
We advocate for legislators, educators, and administrators who will work to maintain communities as well as a public education system that supports and enhances our shared experiences regardless of religious beliefs, cultural background, or sexual orientation.

Defense of Democracy advocates for parents, teachers, students, librarians, and all Americans who are fighting every day to protect their civil rights from hate groups.

In the spring of 2022, two moms in a small upstate New York town came together to fight back against three candidates endorsed by the hate group Moms for Liberty who were running for school board in their community. Karen Svoboda and Laura Leigh Abby were quickly joined by others and a hard-working team of parents and they were able not only to defeat these candidates but to mobilize a community and double voter turnout. As of February 2023, Defense of Democracy has over 25 chapters and 3 affiliate groups throughout the United States.

Defense of Democracy is made up of people from all walks of life. Among our corps of volunteers, there are subgroups that include “Veterans Defending Democracy”, “Youth Defending Democracy”, “Librarians Defending Democracy” and many more. 
We are fighting back against the rise of Christian Nationalism and hate that is actively fighting to destroy our public schools, ban books, and punish LGBTQ+ ( and especially trans students,) teachers, and other marginalized groups. We have a list of core beliefs that we believe are essential for a strong education system and democracy and we encourage anyone who is outraged by the current state of affairs and hate-filled attacks on our schools to learn more about us and our beliefs at
Defense of Democracy is passionately committed to bipartisanship and welcomes anyone who is interested in protecting their fellow Americans, in particular, those in marginalized communities, from oppression. Some of our most vocal advocates are individuals who by all counts are considered “conservative” but happen to know and love people in the BIPOC and LGBTQ+ communities.

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Materials: Paper thermal stickers

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